Vision, Core Values, Beliefs, and Vision of a Graduate

Speaker at graduation


Edwin O. Smith High School is a community of learners committed to academic excellence, personal achievement, and integrity. Students are encouraged to respect and learn from differences to become self-directed learners who demonstrate a sense of responsibility to contribute as literate members of an interdependent world.


An EO Smith learner passionately engages in the process of acquiring knowledge to independently find and apply a deeper understanding to themselves and new situations they encounter.  EO Smith graduates will be prepared to work collaboratively with others to find solutions to face the challenges of the future with creative thought and purpose.


An EO Smith High School graduate is a problem solver, a critical thinker, an active citizen, a communicator, and someone who demonstrates curiosity, personal responsibility, and content literacy. 

Problem Solver - Identifies creative and practical approaches to solving complex tasks or issues

Critical Thinker - Questions, analyzes, and synthesizes information

Active Citizen - Demonstrates cultural responsibility and is a productive, empathetic, and contributing member of their community and the world

Communicator - Actively express and listen to thoughts and ideas, both individually and collaboratively, across a variety of formats and settings

Curious - Explores interests, takes risks, and searches for passion, purpose, and meaning

Personally Responsible - Develops self-awareness and ownership of one’s learning and  behavior; takes initiative, demonstrates integrity and resilience, and strives for a balanced life

Content Literate - Uses a strong knowledge base across disciplines to apply and transfer skills to a variety of situations


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