The science department is committed to offering challenging and relevant programs to students enrolled in science classes. The science faculty is committed to providing high quality experiences for students with different interests, needs and abilities. The program of studies emphasizes student skill development in areas related to problem solving, creative thinking and analytic thought. The department places high value upon helping students acquire knowledge that will enable them to dwell in harmony with the environment and to develop a pattern of behaviors that promote life-long learning.

The curriculum of the Science Department is articulated toward common goals through the acquisition of organized knowledge of the physical and natural worlds. Various classroom activities are provided to stimulate inductive thought processes for the orderly development of basic principles and for the application of these principles. There is an emphasis on the interpretation of data and the ability to express concepts logically and clearly. While some necessary descriptive techniques are employed for fundamental concepts, rote memorization without application is discouraged. Efforts are made to go beyond the acquisition of facts to an understanding of the nature of scientific thought and activity. Laboratory study includes exploration through inquiry, making models, prediction and analysis of natural phenomena. Students are expected to develop an understanding of the processes as well as understanding the laws and theories of science.

One of the major objectives is to emphasize the interdependence and the interrelationships of the scientific disciplines. This is suggested in the early sequences of the required curriculum and then re-emphasized in the elective courses, which contain overlapping areas of physical, chemical and biological concepts that require integration for meaningful learning. Whenever possible each discipline is also associated with relevant social and economic areas, ultimately striving toward humanistic values with the technical information.

Contact Information
Diane Hannon, Department Chairperson Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

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