E.O. Smith High School co-curricular programs and clubs provide students a way to participate in an interest of their choice. This experience enriches the whole approach to our academic programs, and community and civic engagement activities. Each of the following offerings has an adviser/coordinator who will provide guidance and mentoring to the students.


2022-23 CLUBS

Art Club - Advisor: Ms. V. Parrish

The Art Club provides students a space to create original artwork and explore new ideas alongside their E.O. Smith community. Community projects and school projects are going to be a large aspect of the art club. We will meet on Fridays from 2:30PM - 3:30PM in RM A3

Best Buddies - Advisors: Ms. T. Lauria and M. Price

Best Buddies is an international organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. Once paired, peer buddies and buddies spend time together both in school and out of school learning about each other. In addition, there are opportunities for students to participate as Associate Members. These members are not paired in one-to-one friendships but still attend all chapter events. The club holds at least one activity per month throughout the year. Members should plan on attending these activities. The E.O. Smith chapter of Best Buddies also participates in several statewide events and offers leadership opportunities for interested individuals. All students are welcome to join.

Blood Drive - Advisor: Mrs. C. Rowett

The Blood Drive is an annual spring activity, which runs a Red Cross Blood Drive for students, staff, and members of the E.O. Smith community. The blood drives occur in April. Students who wish to participate attend approximately four meetings per year, typically during a lunch period. Levels of participation vary. Members are needed to advertise, recruit, schedule, and run various stations at the drive alongside Red Cross workers. Students are also needed to prepare and serve food to the donors, as well as set up before and clean up after the drive. All students at any grade level are welcome to participate.

Board Games - Advisor - Ms. S. Tobias

In the Board Game Club we play mostly board games and card games.  The games usually range from three to eight players per game.  The games usually vary widely in theme and mechanics.  Some yesteryear favorites are Talisman and Twilight Imperium (2008-12), Hex Hex ,Love Letter, Arcadia Quest, and Cutthroat Caverns (2012-2016).  In 2018-2019 (the last year that we met) we played Pandemic: Rise of Rome, Hex Hex, Love Letter, Chaos in the Old World, Mission Red Planet, Dead of Winter, Masmorra, Eldritch Horror, Royals, Mare Nostrum, Rising Sun, and Lords of Hellas.  If there is interest, we could venture into skirmish type tabletop games such as 40K Kill Team.  Some games have longer running times, so end times vary slightly.

Book Club - Advisors: Ms. K. Ryan and Ms. J. Larkin

The Book Club provides students with a place to share an interest in literature, communicate ideas and expand access to books in an atmosphere that promotes reading as a recreational and intellectual activity. If you love reading - join us! Award winners are typically read, a different novel each month. Dates and meeting times are decided by the group.

Choirs - Advisor: Ms. A. Hanzlik

THE PANTHERTONES A Cappella Tenor/Bass Choir

THURSDAYS from 2:15-3:00

The Panthertones is an a cappella choral ensemble that focuses primarily on pop, musical theater and contemporary a cappella repertoire.  Traditionally, the Panthertones perform at the Fall Choral Concert and the Spring Chamber Choirs Concert

THE EO SMITH TREBLE CHOIR - A Cappella Soprano/Alto Choir

TUESDAYS from 2:15-3:00

The Treble Choir is a choral ensemble that focuses primarily on pop, musical theater and contemporary a cappella repertoire. Treble Choir performs at the Fall Choral Concert and Spring Chamber Concert.


THURSDAYSfrom 6:30-8:00pm

Auditioned Choir - 10-12 voice ensemble, focusing on contemporary a cappella literature & performance.

Please see Mrs. Hanzlik for more details.

Class Advisors

Class of 2023  Mrs. M. Tubbs and Ms. S. Tobias

Class of 2024 Mrs. J. Larkin and Mrs. K. Rondeau

Class of 2025 Mr. S. Santasiere and Mrs. S. Ouellet

Class of 2026 Mr. K. Harlow and Ms. L. Halle

Each class’ advisors serve as coordinators for class activities and fundraisers. Meeting dates and times are scheduled as needed.

 Coding Club - Advisor Dr. C. Granger

The Coding Club club offers programming experience to anyone interested (no background required).  Topics include Scratch, HTML, Javascript, Python, App-making, etc.  This club meets Thursdays, 2:15-4:00 in room 111.

Comic Book- Advisor: Mr. J. LaPointe

Are you interested in reading comics or watching movies/ t.v. shows that take place in the MCU or DCU?     This is the club for you.    We get together every Thursday from 2:07 - 3:20pm after school in room 136.   During this time we will either watch a show/ movie and discuss it  or discuss an ongoing comic series. 

Crew- Advisor: Chris Hempel

Crew (rowing) is one of the oldest sports in the world. It is the ultimate team endeavor in which boats comprised of four to eight athletes work together to propel their vessel forward using only their own power. Our team strives to provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment in which participants feel comfortable learning a new skill and working to better their fitness. In the fall season, we are a club sport and practices are three times a week at Patriots Park on Coventry Lake.

Cultural Awareness Brigade- Advisor: Dr. L. DeLoreto, and Mr. J Kelly

The Purpose of Cultural Awareness Brigade (CAB) is to unite, advocate for, and support E. O. Smith students who are members of historically underrepresented groups, specifically students of color. The goals of the Cultural Awareness Brigade are: 1. Advocacy 2. Create a Space of Support 3. Provide Educational Programming 4. Fellowship and Fundraising for the Organization 5. Advanced student awareness of school-wide leadership and participation opportunities. All students are welcome. Meetings take place every other Friday at 2:15 in the LMC.

Dance Team - Advisor: Mrs. H. Baker

The Dance Team promotes school spirit and good sportsmanship. The club performs hip hop and pom routines at halftime during some football and basketball home games. The team also performs at charitable events. No previous experience is needed. Practices typically take place on Thursdays after school in the cafe or yoga room.

Debate Team - Advisor: Mrs. M. Smith

The EOS Debate Club prides itself on being a place where students at all levels will be given the resources and support to find their voice and use it in a respectful, effective, and productive manner. Using the Connecticut Debate Association guidelines and materials, students will hone their skills in speaking, listening, and interpreting factual data in order to prepare for statewide Parliamentary Debates. Our team members have participated in national and statewide debates both virtual and in-person, hosted a virtual debate with an 8th grade class from MMS, and won the 2021 CT Debate Championship. Our team strives to give voice to students during the global health and political climate.  

DECA - Advisor: 

DECA is a national association of students interested in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. E.O. Smith DECA develops local goals in Civic Consciousness, Leadership Development, Social Intelligence, Vocational Understanding, and attends many state and national conferences. In March, members of DECA compete in specific career areas at the CT State Career Development Conference and the lucky winners attend the International Career Development Conference which will be held approximately at the end of April. DECA is committed to community service and participates in activities to raise money for Covenant Soup Kitchen all year long.

Deliberation and Discourse Project - Advisor: Ms. A. Nocton

The E.O. Smith Democratic Discourse and Deliberation Project works in partnership with the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at UCONN. Our mission statement is: “We are a body of 21st-century learners, listeners, and leaders committed to fostering a more positive school climate through meaningful conversations that promote thoughtful, direct action and empathy in non-partisan ways throughout the E.O. Smith school and the greater community.” The purpose of “DD” is to promote the use of dialogue as a means to build an understanding of multiple perspectives on community issues and to use common ground to build an action plan focused on resolution.  Student participants are trained to be dialogue facilitators and will be asked to moderate discussions in a variety of forums.  Students from all grades and diverse perspectives are encouraged to join to advance their deliberation skills and work toward building a stronger, more inclusive community.

In addition to public forums, DD also works with Narrative 4 (N4) to promote empathy through storytelling, Participatory Budgeting (PB), Audio Shelfies (book chats), podcasting and the NPR podcast challenge (two years ago the entry Frog Bridge & The Soul of Willimantic received an honorable mention), and a speaker series (link to last year’s line-up).  Lastly, this year we hope to partner with CAB to build on the work begun last June with the Lead to Learn Summitt and we may be working with Athletics for training for coaches. We have a place for everyone and are flexible with attendance at meetings. Please join us and develop skills that will help you in all facets of life and learning.

Most meetings will occur Wednesdays after school in room 157 with the UCONN Neag graduate student interns (Mx. Iacovelli and Mr. Knight-Vezina)Additional small group work will occur during the school day both with Ms. Nocton and the UCONN interns.  There may be occasional other meetings, as needed, especially when preparing for public forums.  Some of these additional meetings may occur during the school day in order to train for larger events.

Drama- Advisor/Director: Ms. D. Abercrombie

Assistant Director/Set Construction: Mr. S. Welden

The E.O.Smith Drama Club aspires to bring the highest level of theatrical experience by involving students in all aspects of mounting productions. The Drama Club typically sponsors a range of shows --senior directed one acts, straight plays, musicals, monologue showcases, cabarets, staged readings, and/or films. The Drama Club often participates in the annual CDA play festival and/or monologue competition. Plays are selected from a variety of genres over the course of several years to bring a vibrant theatrical experience to the actors and audience alike. All students are invited to audition and participate in the performances. Singers, musicians, and dancers are also highly sought after to round out a truly successful experience. In addition to actors, we need “behind the scenes” technical people interested in learning lights/sound/set design and construction. Drama Club Set Crew is responsible for providing sets and props for drama productions. They build, repair, and modify set pieces such as flats, furniture, or whatever the director requires for a production. They provide props, often locating them or creating them from scratch. Tech Crew runs sound/lights for productions. Together with the cast, stage manager, and directors, Tech/Set Crews realize the vision of the play. The Drama Club requires a high level of commitment in order to create a successful production. Members meet frequently after school on the stage when rehearsing for a show. 

Drumline - Advisor: Mr. J. Roy

The Drumline provides an energetic outlet for students interested in the art of drumming to express their creativity. Built on the core beliefs of "Focus. Respect. Have Fun.", the Drumline requires no previous knowledge of drumming to join as long as you have a mindset that is ready to learn. The Drumline performs numerous times throughout the year, with a major focus on football and basketball games, as well as other E.O. Smith related events.  The Drumline practices a minimum of 2 day each week, and requires a firm commitment during the fall and winter sports seasons.

Economics Club- Advisor Mr. A. Saccomanno

The Economics Club is a chapter of the Youth Economics Initiative, and it is a student-run organization that competes in national economics and finance based competitions. Econ Club also offers community service opportunities through the Connecticut Economic Literacy Initiative (CELI). Whether you have an interest in investing, want to teach the youth financial literacy, want to win national competitions, love economic policy debates, or just want to understand a little more about how money works, the Economics Club is the place for you.

Fencing- Advisor:

Fencing Club will provide a place for students to make connections with their peers through something they find interest in while learning about fencing in the past and present context, as well applying it to physical activity through learning how to fence. The club is centered towards very beginners, but everyone is welcome. Fencing club meets every other Monday in room 204 from 2:30-4:30/TBA

FFA - Advisor: M. Agnello

The FFA is an intra-curricular part of the Ag program. There are 700,000 members nationally. The officers meet every week after school and there are monthly FFA meetings. Depending on the year there are 9-10 officer positions. Members participate in contests and Career Development events throughout the year. The national convention is held in the Fall, with locations changing from year to year. To participate in contests, students must be part of the FFA. The FFA organizes several fundraising events throughout the year, as well as community service projects and student after school activities.

GSA- Advisor: Ms. A. Nocton and Mx. C. Lin

Members of E.O Smith's Gender Sexuality Alliance strive to achieve a culture of acceptance and diversity on our campus and in the community. We are dedicated to making E.O. Smith a safe and supportive environment where every student may live authentically. All are welcome to attend our meetings and events. These include offering educational opportunities for students and staff, arranging guest speakers, sponsoring the Day of Silence, attending conferences, interacting with other GSA organizations, and hosting social activities. This year, meetings will be held on Thursdays after school in room 157.

Hispanic Affinity Club: Advisor:
Ms. Nocton
Hispanic Affinity is a club centered around building community for Hispanic/Latine members of our community.We meet every other Friday starting October 14 in room 158 from 2:20-3:20. We plan to do things like increasing Spanish language literature in the LMC, plan for a school wide acknowledgement and celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month as well as during other cultural identity months–highlighting students who also share those identities, collaborating with other EO groups (CAB and DD), invite speakers to our meetings (student speakers, parents, etc.), making Spanish resources available to Spanish-speaking families, and also be sure to have a lot of fun!

Human Rights- Advisors: Mr. G. AfantchaoMs. Wilson-Holton Ms. S. DesJarlais

The Human Rights Club is designed to promote human dignity and develop student activism through work with already established local, national, and international organizations dedicated to human rights.  Using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a base document, student activists conduct research, educate themselves and others, and participate in and organize events to address human rights issues. Meetings are on designated days after school and meet in Room 211. All students are welcome and participation is flexible throughout the year.

Instrumental Ensembles - Advisors: Mr. A. Pandolfe, Mrs. S. Webster

Jazz Ensembles

The jazz ensembles specialize in the performance of jazz and other related musical styles. The jazz ensembles traditionally perform several concerts throughout the academic year.

Chamber Music- Advisor: Mrs. S. Webster

This ensemble affords students the opportunity to study and perform music in a small group setting.  Membership is open to all students and ensembles will be formed based on interest and schedule availability.

Fiddle Ensemble- Advisor: Mrs. S. Webster

This ensemble meets once a week in the band/orchestra room. Students will explore traditional fiddle and folk music from America and around the world. The ensemble performs in community events and at E.O. Smith Orchestra concerts.

Orchestra Tutoring- Advisor: Mrs. S. Webster

EOS Orchestra students will travel once per month to MMS and tutor 5th-8th grade orchestra students. 

K-Pop and Anime- Advisors: Mr. D. Lee and Mx. Lin

The purpose of the K.A.E.O.S club will be to promote K-Pop music and its culture, as well as enjoy anime content with friends. The club will meet twice a week, with one casual day (Monday) where we watch anime, watch K-Pop music videos, have discussions, play games, and do crafts. This includes club events and activities such as introducing people to a new genre of music, learning K-Pop dances, karaoke, board games, video games, competitions, and holding fundraiser events. On the other day (Friday), the club will work on a K-Pop dance group. While mainly focusing on (K-Pop) dances we’ll also have roles such as videographer, choreographer, and editor. Performances will be done during public events (for example: EO Smith’s winter show) and posted on YouTube.

Leo Club - Advisor: Mr. D. Arndt and Ms. N. Darbois

The E. O. Smith Leo Club is affiliated with the Mansfield Lions Club. The main purpose of the club is to plan or participate in community service opportunities wherever possible. Members have participated in activities such as the food and clothing drive for the Soup Kitchen in Willimantic and WAIM, decorating the Mansfield Senior Center and wrapping holiday gifts, contributing to the Sponsor a Family run by the Mansfield Social Services Department. The Leo Club also assists and contributes to events sponsored by the Mansfield Lions Club such as the “Be Thankful You Can See” drive and the annual Chicken Barbeque, Roast Beef Dinner, and Ham and Scalloped Potatoes Dinner.  MEETINGS on THURSDAYS 2:15-2:30 in Room 106

Math Honor Society - Advisors: Mr. Jeff Russell

The mission of Mu Alpha Theta is to promote scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among high school students. Members of Mu Alpha Theta will achieve this by creating a peer-tutoring program that will allow members to help others achieve academic goals in mathematics classes and promote mathematics in everyday life by designing monthly bulletin board displays and participating in other community service activities.

Math Team - Advisors: Ms. R. Lounsbury and Ms. S. Palmberg

The Math Team competes in monthly mathematical competitions in the Eastern Connecticut Math League. We also compete in a state competition organized by the Connecticut Association of Mathematics Leagues and a regional competition organized by the New England Mathematics League.  We also meet weekly to practice for the competitions.  Meetings are held on Mondays in room 115. 

Students who compete in mathematics league competitions are eligible for selection to the All-State Mathematics Team where they compete in a national competition held at Penn State.

Model UN - Advisor: Mr. S. Santasiere, and Ms. T. Roberts

The Model UN Club is geared towards gaining a greater understanding of the United Nations and its role in the world. During the year we participate in simulations at UCONN, the University of Hartford, and in New York City. At the simulations, we represent countries in committee meetings to debate and develop solutions to world concerns. The issues discussed in meetings are real world problems that the United Nations would address. Sometimes the issues are broad and affect the entire world, others are very specific to a country or region. Model U.N. meets most Thursdays after school from September through April and are usually brief (30 minutes). The club is open to anyone interested in actively participating.  The Model UN will help you develop as a student in many ways including the development of public speaking skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, specific knowledge of the nations we represent, and awareness of issues facing nations in the world. Student costs for the UCONN, Hartford, and New York simulations will be discussed at the meetings.

 National Honor Society (P. Roy Brammel Chapter) - Advisors: Ms. J. Johnson and Ms. K. Ryan

The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. The NHS chapter establishes criteria for membership that are based upon a student's outstanding performance in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. NHS members continue to develop their skills in these areas. They work both individually and as a chapter to serve the school and community. Students apply in the spring of their sophomore or junior year.

- Advisor: Mr. C. Kennedy

The Panther Press is an online student run publication that offers interested students the opportunity to explore and publish newsworthy topics in a collaborative environment. Students will gain authentic experience in all aspects of publication. Writers, editors, photographers, and artists are welcome.

Operation Smile- Advisor: Mrs. J. Larkin and Dr. L. DeLoreto

Operation Smile Club partners with the international organization Operation Smile to raise money and awareness for people with clefts and other facial deformities. Operation Smile Club includes activities such as open discussions on facial deformities, fundraising, and anti-bullying campaigns. Operation Smile also provides club members with the opportunity to attend the International Student Leadership Conference and Medical Mission trips all over the world.

Peer Natural Helpers - Advisors: Ms. S. Cartier and Mrs. K. Zlotnick

Peer Natural Helpers are leaders within their school community that assist to create positive change in the school climate and with social interactions/connections. PNH members assist with freshmen transition/orientation programs and many student sponsored events throughout the year. At times, students tend to seek out peers for support before teachers or other school staff whom they trust. The Peer Natural Helpers program uses this existing helping network as it provides training to students who are already identified as "natural" helpers. PNH gives them the skills they need to provide help and support more effectively to young people who seek them out. Members of PNH express interest/are nominated as freshmen (2nd semester), endorsed by staff and selected to represent the diverse population of each grade for all four years. PNH has training retreats in October and May, hold meetings about once a month throughout the school year and are responsible for regular email, virtual or in-person contact with Advisors as needed.

Poetry Club- Mr. Z. Knowles

Poetry Club offers an open and accepting environment where students have the opportunity to experiment with and share their own writing- no prior experience necessary- all students are welcome.  Casual and supportive workshopping opportunities are provided throughout the year. In addition, there are various opportunities through video and online sources to explore and engage in the appreciation of poetry. There will also be ongoing opportunities for club members to submit pieces for competition and/or publication.

Sports Talk Podcast- Advisor Dr. L DeLoreto

The sports talk podcast club gives students an opportunity to further their skills in journalism, editing, and/or producing while expressing their passion for professional and collegiate sports. Every week, members meet to record discussions surrounding the latest in the NFL, NBA, CFB, college basketball, and European Soccer among others. Guest speakers, such as Andrew Callahan of the Boston Herald, give students a chance to learn about the journalism profession and get an expert perspective on the podcast.

Stock Market- Advisor: Mr. J. LaPointe

The goal of this club is to teach students about the risks and rewards of investing. The club would be a student- run stock account, where students will make all of the decisions about where money is invested. Students will get the opportunity to present their cases and decisions will be put to a vote. Regular guest speakers will be asked to advise on how to make decisions. Meetings will take place in room 136 after school on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30.

Robotics VEX - Advisors: Dr. C. Granger

Members of the VEX Robotics Team construct a robot based on the specific yearly challenge designated by VEX.  The team enters a number of VEX competitions throughout the year. Members are also encouraged to participate in fund-raising events and out-reach activities. All students are welcome. The club meets formally on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00 pm in room 111, but other meetings are scheduled as needed.

Science Club - Advisor: Dr. C. Granger

The Science Club enters a variety of science competitions including the Science Bowl, Ocean Bowl, USABO, and the Science Olympiad. The club also participates in “anything science”: running science programs for the community, volunteering at science events, inviting guest speakers, going on field trips, etc. The club meets Fridays from 2:30-4:00 pm in room 111.  All students are welcome.

Ski and Snowboard Club - Advisors: Ms. R. Lounsbury

Students who participate in the Ski and Snowboard Club are able to take 6 trips to Wachusett Mountain on Thursday evenings in January and February.  We leave right after school and get back around 9:30 pm.  The price of lift tickets and transportation will be announced on our canvas page when it has been calculated for the year (typically late September or early October).  All students are invited to participate but there is a limited capacity and sign ups will be first come, first served with a waiting list if necessary. 

STARMAKERS Unified Theater - Advisor: Ms. A. Hanzlik

MONDAYS 2:30-3:45 (Feb-April)

Unified Theater is open to all students and emphasizes the unique talents and abilities of all individuals involved.  Special focus is given to the creation of theatrical process and product, through peer interaction with individuals who possess a diverse set of developmental needs and skill levels.

Unified theater will meet during the months of February, March, April - with a fully staged show or movie, presented in May.

2021 production: ALADIN

2022 production: LION KING

2023 production THE LITTLE MERMAID

Sunshine Club - Ms. A. Ruegg and Ms. B. Hussong

Our purpose is to support and bring joy to the EO Smith community through acts of kindness.  “Sunshine weeks” are intended to spread positivity throughout the school and ensure staff and students feel appreciated.

Virtú - Advisor: Mrs. M. Smith

Virtú is E.O. Smith’s literary magazine which features student writing and artwork. The magazine is published once a year in the spring. During the year the members of Virtú work to solicit student work for both the magazine and shorter publications known as Virteezers, which are published throughout the year seasonally or with special occasions. Other activities the magazine may sponsor include author visits, readings, and workshops. Virtú is always seeking members who are interested in both writing for the publications and working on the editorial aspect of the magazine.Virtù Magazine, 2022

 World Language Exchange Programs - Advisor: Mr. G. Afantchao

Languages typically travel/host every one to three years, although trips are currently not offered to the current situation and restrictions.

Typical destinations include, but are not limited to:

Germany, Italy, France, Quebec, Spain and Costa Rica

World Language Honor Society - Advisors: Ms. J. Johnson and Ms. K. Wilson-Holton

The World Language Honor Society is composed of honor societies for German, French, Spanish and Latin. Members help foster a love for languages and cultural awareness, by tutoring language students, participating actively in World Language activities within the school, and helping with language-related community activities. Meetings will be held 2-3 times throughout each semester after school. Students enrolled in level 3 or higher may apply in the Spring. 

Yearbook - Advisor: Mrs. W. Wierzbicki

The yearbook staff meets regularly throughout the school year and most of the workload is completed by early April. If you are interested in photography, writing copy, page design and publication, we need you! Our 184 page hardcover book is carefully crafted to reflect student life at E.O. Smith. We cover athletics, special events, student life, dances, clubs, and ‘everything EO.’ Participation is flexible, and a good portion of the work can be completed outside of the school day. All are welcome! Please email Mrs. Wierzbicki ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining our team! 


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