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The goal of health services is to promote the health and safety of members of the school community. With an emphasis on wellness, students are encouraged to assume responsibility for their needs as they grow and develop into adults. Nursing assessments identifies health problems that might interfere with each student's educational experience. Individual health care plans are developed to assist these students in meeting their educational goals.

There are a number of forms available for download. They can be filled out and emailed to, mailed to E.O. Smith or faxed to 860-487-2291.

All students that are going to attend E. O. Smith High School must fulfill certain medical requirements.

Health Information Needed for Registration

All students entering Edwin O. Smith High School must present the following health information when registering for school. A copy of this data can be obtained from the student's previous school or health care provider. Students will not be allowed to start class until this information is received and cleared by the school nurse.

1. Health Assesment and Tuberculosis Testing

All students shall present evidence of having a physical exam, and also an assessment to show they are free of active tuberculosis. The Mantoux test for TB is suggested if the student is determined to be at high risk for TB. If the TB skin test is positive, a chest x-ray will be required.

  1. Connecticut transfer students need a physical exam and TB assessment in 6th or 7th grade and then 10th grade.
  2. Out of state transfer students need a physical and TB assessment within the preceding 12 months.
  3. FOREIGN STUDENTS: All students entering from outside the US need a physical exam within 12 months and a Health History within 6 months upon arrival. Students entering from Africa, Asia including the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Central, South America including Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti will need a Mantoux TB within three months of entry. Students who have received the BCG vaccine must adhere to this policy. Full immunization records as indicated above.

2. Immunization Record

The record must show the day, month and year, and type of vaccine given and have the signature of the health care provider.

  1. DPT or DT/TD VACCINE: (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus): 4 doses needed with the last dose given on or after the 4th birthday
  2. Polio Vaccine: 3 doses needed with the last dose on or after the 4th birthday
  3. Measles Vaccine: 1 dose of live vaccine at one year of age or later and a 2nd dose for students who have been in the 7th grade since 9/92 (class of 1998)
  4. Mumps Vaccine: 1 dose of live vaccine at one year of age or later
  5. Rubella Vaccine: 1 dose of live vaccine at one year of age or later
  6. Hepatitis B Vaccine: All students entering 9th grade (class of 2006 and later) must have proof of completion of the hepatitis B series
  7. Meningococcal: 1 dose
  8. Varicella: All students entering 9th grade (class of 2006 and later) must demonstrate proof of immunity to varicella (chickenpox)
    1. Varicella Vaccine on or after 1st birthday
    2. Written statement from medical provider that student had chickenpox
  9. Waiver of Immunization is possible if the appropriate requirements as outlined below are met. No other exemptions are permissible.
  1. Measles, mumps and rubella: Had disease and blood test results that prove immunity to the disease are presented.
  2. A physician's certificate stating that immunization is medically contradicted and the reason why is presented
  3. A parent's/guardian's written statement that such immunization would contrary to the religious beliefs of the child presented.

Contact Information:
Fax: 860-487-2291

Kristin Gildersleeve, M.D.,
School Medical Advisor
Darcy Erwin, Nursing Supervisor
Kathleen Mindek,

Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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